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With Defensive Driving Course Online, they learn the vehicle without falling from any accommodation in a different way of the risks involved in traffic.

Education type: Online Course
Duration of Training: ~ 1 hour
Educational Material: Video, slide content
At the end of the training, “Defensive Driving Course” are given as participants.

Who focus on Safe and Defensive Driving Training?
All vehicles that come to traffic, personnel working in the public and private sectors and the vehicles delivered to them (all vehicles, vehicles, vehicles, vehicles).

Benefits to be Obtained at the End of Defensive Driving Training
Earning less
Journeys of can-trained accidents
less labor
Cheaper insurance costs
Less upkeep and maintenance
Passing high material and moral support
Certification of competence with the Defensive Driving Certificate to be obtained
How useful can Online Defensive Driving Training be?
A comprehensive training for the training content consisting of the tools within the scope of vehicle training, detailed information about the risks of the training content, detailed information about the risks in the equipment containing the training tools, benefiting from the training for the vehicles containing the training equipment, benefiting from the risk, general information about the design within the scope of the training about the mobile phone training . its recipient is an upbringing to it.

Defensive Driving Training Certificate
Participants in this program because they have Safe Driving Techniques. Participants, etc. they have participation from platforms on platforms. You can see the document.

  • Note: This course has not yet been approved by your state. However, this course may still satisfy a speeding ticket or court requirement you have. It may also qualify you for an insurance discount. Please contact your individual court or auto insurance company to veriy.